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Chase Parker is a visual artist born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Parker creates visually exciting and mind-mending illusions using mixed-media art. He works with a multitude of materials, from traditional media like painting, paper, and sculpture, and nontraditional media like books, vellum, and bullet shells. He transforms his materials into fantastical two and three-dimensional artworks that truly astonish the viewers. His inspiration comes from his life experience, from his childhood, love, loss, abandonment, and the full spectrum of human emotion. The need to create has always influenced Parker’s life; he has quit his previous career of twenty-one years to pursue his creative passions full-time. When he’s not creating art, he is supporting his daughter in her artistic endeavors. He currently has a studio in Ybor City, Florida in the growing Arts District. You can view more of his work on Instagram, @Art_CParker

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